Parental Controls to Protect Your Kids

Modern kids deepen into online reality and Internet technologies from their early ages. But together with countless opportunities, World Wide Web brings about many inherent dangers.

On this website, you will find articles, tips and guides on how to secure your kids’ online activity. Stay tuned and follow our recent reviews of best mobile monitoring applications, which will prevent your children from threats on the web, and let you be in touch with their cell phones usage.

Recent software updates:

  • Google Image Parental Control;
  • Twitter Mobile Monitoring;
  • Pinterest Monitoring App;
  • Facebook Online Tracking;
  • Instagram Parental Control.

Why to Track Children Online

Parental ControlsChildren spend online most of their spare time and use the Internet while studying. But do you know what they do online? Do you know whom they make friendship with on social media? Which photos and what personal information they share?

In most cases, parents know nothing about what is going on to their kids online. And that’s why it is very hard for them to react quickly, if something bad has happened.

Online tracking software and mobile monitoring apps are here to let you be aware, to protect your kids, when you are away from home. These technologies will let you never leave your loved ones alone.

Always do your best when you explain kids how to behave online, what things are inappropriate for sharing and how to respond on different suspicious messages, emails, files or contacts. Do not forget that development of trust-based relationship is crucial for you and your children, so always inform them that you are going to monitor their activity.

One more option of kids online activity and data protection is offered by our business partner Pumpic.com.
They offer iPhone Parental Monitoring app that allows you to remotely track online activity of your child without having to worry about his/her security.

Enhances parental control applications and software enable parents not just monitor but manage activities and devices of the children. You can block inappropriate applications, block access to certain websites or categories of websites, set time limits on usage of the device or access to the Internet and track the location of the target device. You just have to choose an app that meets your monitoring requirements, that’s all.