Top iOS Parental Control Apps

On the one hand, owners of Mac know that there are some built-in parental control features, however it is doubtful that they will fully protect you children from the online threats like scammers, cyberbullies or unwanted content.   Here are some tools that will help you to create safe web environment for your children.

  1. Norton

This tool makes a good job of blocking and monitoring the online activities of children. With its help you will be able to teach your kids how to use the Internet safely and it will notify you what websites your child attempted to visit. Schedule the time of using the Internet and look through the shared information of your kid in the social media.

  1. KidLogger

Key logger, monitoring tool and screen capture tool all rolled in one application. With its help you will be able to look through the visited websites, used applications and see all key strokes your kid makes. The screenshots are made automatically so even if your kid is able to clear the browsing history you will still see where he was.

  1. K9 Web Protection

The app can filter, monitor and schedule time usage of the Mac. You can restrict access to certain sites or categories of content. The app also blocks the results for adult content and it also can block usage of the Internet when it is time to sleep.

  1. DansGuardian

This app works not only with URL but also with phrase matchings so the filtering possibilities here are more advanced. There is a list of restricted keywords connected with prohibited categories of websites and you can add or exclude phrases

  1. Minormonitor

This app deals with social media activities of your child. You will get notifications every time your kid updates the status, adds a friend, shares photos or receives private message.

  1. PureSight

This app is, actually, an enhanced filter of rude words that is also able to notify parents about dangerous conversations and blocking them. The app has a continuously updated list of rude words and slang and parents can add their own variants there.