Problem Behavior is Not a Problem Anymore

Every parent wants the best for their kids, and they are ready to do anything to protect children from any troubles including those that kids create themselves on their own. The problem is sometimes parents don’t know which tools to use to prevent behavior problems like violence, substance use or school dropout.

children behaviorEven when the adolescent problems are resolved, the results would still affect their lives. But these are mistakes we can reduce if not avoid – you just need to know the right way. All of us need a little help with parenting, and there is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about. In fact, it is a bit disturbing that parents take so much time learning about labor and training for such a natural thing, but don’t look for help when it comes to actual parenting.

It is never too late to start learning and using outside help. The research conducted by the University of Washington showed the best and the most effective programs parents should use to reduce their kids’ problem behavior. The statistics for the mentioned programs show a decrease in substance use and aggression as well as generally better mental health of children surveyed.

  1. Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14

Strengthening Families focus on anger management and reinforcing child-parent bonds. Family conflicts often contribute to risky behaviors; learning about how to cope with stress and anxiety (both for parents and kids) would change the situation for the better.

  1. The Incredible Years

With this program, you can start solving potential problems from the very young age. Incredible Years provides 3-6 years old kids with group sessions guided by a professional therapist. Here they learn about communication and making friends. Social and problem-solving skills they get here will come in handy in their adult life and help to reduce risky behaviors.

  1. Staying Connected with Your Teen

This useful program was created and built by David Hawkins and Richard Catalano in the UW School of Social Work. It is targeted at parents and kids aged 12 to 17. These are considered to be the most troublesome years when you should increase your parental monitoring and be especially cautious with your children. Staying Connected with Your Teen is developed to prevent risky sexual behavior and violence among kids. It will also help to reduce harsh parenting if there is any, and make family bonding easier.

  1. Positive Parenting Program

The name says it all – Positive Parenting is all about creating the right learning environment and efficient discipline that allow kids to grow better people. The flexibility of the program lets you choose the best plan for your family, and the extended options are targeted both at children and their parents – in every parenting issue you should start from yourself, though.

  1. Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is intended for all mothers, but especially for first-timers, single and those involved in risky behavior themselves. After joining the program, you will have a professional nurse paying visits to your home once every two weeks during the pregnancy and until your kid is two years old. If the mother has any addictions like alcohol or smoking, nurses will help with reducing substance use and working on the right life balance for the child.

The primary goal of all these programs is to assist in creating a positive environment in problem family and showing what the harmonious family looks like. It is essential for parents to refine themselves while bringing up their kids. All the education always starts from adults.