Pinterest Monitoring App

Using Pinterest with Your Underage Kids

pinterestMany people like Pinterest as it allows to hare all those beautiful Internet things with your friends and followers. The networks could have been even more interesting for children, letting them explore the world, be engaged in social life with their parents, and become more and more involved in modern society, which is currently on the web.

However, most of modern social media are created for 12+, and it is rather dangerous to let kids search through the Internet without parental control. That’s why Pinterest monitoring app can be the way out.

Such modern software will protect your kids from threats and dangers that the Internet bears and secure your family happiness.

In addition, if you after all have decided to allow your son or daughter to sign in on Pinterest, please consider the following recommendations.

  1. Set time restrictions, when your kids are allowed to use the social network. Preferably, 10-15 minutes a day would be enough.
  2. Control the search process to not let your children come across any explicit content (sex, violence, drugs etc.)
  3. Predetermine some search categories, which would be interesting for your kids (tourism, sports, fun, meals, toys etc.)
  4. Talk to your kids and never leave him or her one on one with the Internet. Discuss your common preferences. Be fully engaged in your kid’s life.

In conclusion, it is essential to add that you should also consider online security before letting your kid access the Internet. There are many online predators and mobile swindlers, which can easily find out how to hack phone pictures. That’s why a good protection software will prevent your family and keep them safe on the web.