Making Google Kid-Friendly

Children like to use Google as sometimes it resembles walking on unfamiliar path – no one knows what adventures wait for them during the journey of browsing. However, parents know perfectly well that such journeys can lead to the dark side of the Internet, so there has to be something that will prevent kids from getting in there.

That is why much prominence is given to searching ways how to block inappropriate websites and protect children from seeing something they won’t be able to unsee. And Google lands a helping hand to parents, proposing parental control features that adults can adjust to make sure that children will be protected from unwanted content.

Google SafeSearch

Built-in content filtering tool enables parents to manage search results of their children, however, it is necessary to take into consideration that this tool deals mostly with sexually explicit content, so if you want to protect kids from violent content, consider other options.

Switching on is simple: go to Preferences page and select Search Settings there. Tick the box labeled “Filter explicit results” and click Lock SafeSearch. Take into consideration that it will work if you log in to your Google account. As a result, the SafeSearch will be locked so kid won’t be able to switch it off (unless your children know login details of your Google account).

Mind that this lock works for one browser only, so you will have to repeat this action if your desktop computer or laptop uses more than one browser. Moreover, if there are several Google accounts on the computer, you will have to secure browsers from within them also.

After you turned the tool on properly, you will receive a confirmation from the browser.

To see the status of the tool, check the top of the screen of Google search results page – there will be a notification that the tool is turned on. There is no total guarantee that it will block all inappropriate content, still it is better to have it than not. In order to provide more enhanced protection, check other browsers as they also have their own parental control features.