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Is Instagram Safe for Kids?

instagram controlInstagram was popular, since the day it had been established, and became even more widely used, after being purchased by Facebook.

It simply makes your amateur photos look much better, and in addition, lets you post and share it on the web, where thousands and hundreds of people can see it, appreciate, like or dislike. Instagram makes sense for many people, becoming one of the most popular social media among those existing.

When it comes to children, they tend to use the network to the fullest. Some of them even say that Instagram is like Facebook but for kids. They publish photos, comment them and share thoughts. It is a part of their life, and a tool to express it, to introduce their time spending to the online public.

On one hand, there is nothing bad in using this social media, however on the other one, there are issues to take into account and prevent your kids from possible dangers.

Facts to Consider on Instagram and Kids

  1. Initially, Instagram was created for 12+ users. However, it is not a problem for much younger children to create a profile and use the network. Thus, if you don’t want your kids to use the app on their cell phones, you should apply Instagram parental control.
  2. The profiles are accessible to the public, but there is an option to make them hidden via Privacy Settings in a personal profile.
  3. Meanwhile most users publish pics of food, cats and sunsets, your children might be involved in sexting or attacked by online predators, post nude photos or come across some explicit content.
  4. There are many photos with content inappropriate for kids (sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, hate, rage etc.), and it is not hard to find what he or she is looking for by using tags.
  5. In addition, there is an option to tag photos with location, so as anyone can see where a user was or currently is, where he or she lives etc. To disable this function and prevent your kids from sharing their location go to (Settings > Privacy > Location Services).

If you don’t want to forbid your children to use Instagram, but still want to keep an eye and secure the network usage, you should try online monitoring software. It will allow you to follow your kids’ Internet activity and prevent hacking cell phone pictures. In case of any threat, you will be able to take action immediately and avert danger before it has happened.