How to Stop Your Teens from Sneaking through Your Parental Controls

parental control softwareParenting today means that being tech-savvy, get over it. Trust-based relationship with children is one of the most valuable things there is, however, still you have to control their online activities in order to make sure that they are secured from the possible perils of the Internet.

Parental control software usually helps to deal with it and turn the process of checking the online activities of children in a quick check of reports and logs. You don’t have to steal the smartphone of your kid to look through the web browsing history or multimedia files stored on the device. However, teens search and find the way to pass through the boundaries.

Ways Teens Bypass Parental Control Locks

This is the age when children test the limits and try to find their place in life, and you scarcely want find your kid browsing in the most inappropriate sites without your knowing. That is why it is necessary to know their ways to bypass your locks and to get acquainted with methods how to stop them.

  • What can they do with locked PC? When you install parental control apps on the desktop computer with various filters, they simply can create a dual boot. As a result, they can create their own account and install another OS and do whatever they want there. How to prevent it? Check the time of PC usage: if you see that your kid sits in front of the screen all day long and the report says about an hour, it is a warning bell. Replace the PC to the public place, like kitchen.
  • They can hack home router. They can simply google the default password for the router, set the second admin profile and change all settings at their likings. Set strong passwords, look through reports, and check the cables in the cable modem: make sure that these cables were put there by you.
  • Teens can bypass the OpenDNS simply using other devices instead of PC. Secure your network with a strong password, use parental control apps that make traffic pass through their service and prohibit changes to network.
  • Teens can simply use their carrier data plan and get access to the Internet without home Wi-Fi. If you notice that kid is using mobile data when he is at home and can use free but monitored Wi-Fi, take it as a sign.