Hacking cell phone pictures

Should Parents Monitor Their Kids Online?

phone-securityNowadays, when it comes to online activity, most children move at least a step ahead of their parents. They get used to the Internet and other modern technologies since their early ages, becoming advanced users at 10-14 years old.

Talking about monitoring children online, especially on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, parents should realize how dangerous the Internet can be, regardless its great opportunities. That’s why knowing how to secure your child on the web and prevent cell phone picture hacking is essential these days.

  1. Internet is a known platform for cyberbullies, mobile swindlers and online predators. Hiding behind their computer screens and having no fear thanks to anonymity, they can cheat your child to satisfy their fraudulent goals.
  2. Online reality is full of information of all kinds. Searching through the Internet without you knowing, your kids might come across content, which is inappropriate for the underage. You surely would not approve, if your son or daughter saw porn videos or photos, pictures with violence or sexual abuse, as well as any examples of using drugs or alcohol etc.
  3. When using Instagram, for example, your kid might publish nude photos or see some of them posted by others. That’s why Instagram parental control is a must-have software, if you let your children use this network.
  4. Facebook is another social media to consider and take preventing action. You should know and control your kids’ online friends. Some of them may be misgiving ones or even not real persons, but bots used for ambiguous reasons.
  5. When searching on Google, you should also keep an eye on your kids to avert the possibility of coming across inappropriate photos in search results. Google image parental control will be helpful in this case. It will eliminate pictures containing explicit content easily and prevent your children from seeing what they are not supposed to.

As a parent, you are fully responsible for your kids. So, when it comes to online access do not forget to secure children before letting them search, browse and publish.