Google Image Parental Controls

How to Set Parental Filters on Google Images

full parental controlsChildren are familiar with computers since their early ages. In some cases, not to say in most of them, kids are more advanced than their parents are.

The Internet opens a great world of possibilities and information to explore. However, not all of this data is appropriate for children. There is many information you would not like your children to see, until they are at least 18. That’s why, when it comes to pictures on the web, you as a parent should set Google image parental control to prevent your kids from explicit content.

Use the following step-by-step guide to enable SafeSearch and prevent your children from inappropriate content in a few clicks.

How to Switch Google SafeSearch On   

  1. Open Google in your browser and select “Images” from the right top corner.
  2. Enter any words “a dog”, for example, to search for relevant images.
  3. After the page with search results appears, find the “SafeSearch” button in the second right top menu.
  4. Click the “SafeSearch” button to view a drop-down menu.
  5. Now click “Filter Explicit Results”. The button will change to “SafeSearch On”.
  6. Enter setting menu (a cog-like icon) and select “Search Settings”.
  7. Log in to your Google account (or create one) to lock “SafeSearch” and not let your children switch it off.
  8. Click “Lock SafeSearch” from your account and wait until Google applies your filter.
  9. Don’t forget to save your customized settings.

From now on Google will eliminate inappropriate for the underage content from search results. However, note that Google cannot identify each and every picture as explicit one or not. Thus, there is a possibility that you kid will face some of them after all.

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