Filter Google Images with Help of Parental Control Features

Any parent would like to have a possibility to protect children from inappropriate content they can accidentally find browsing through the Internet. They may even not search for it – but there are things that cannot be unseen once a child has seen them. To avoid that situation you can take an advantage of Google’s parental control feature that limits the possibility of finding something inappropriate from all Google searches.

How to Set up Google SafeSearch

Switch on your PC, enter your Google account and follow these steps to protect your kids from possible threats:

  1. Find the “Images” section on Google page of your web browser
  2. Make a random search of images
  3. Look through the page and find “SafeSearch” icon to the right of the search bar
  4. A dropdown menu will propose several options, it is necessary to select the one labeled “Filter Explicit Results”. After that the title SafeSearch will be changed to “SafeSearch On.”
  5. In the settings of your Google account find and lock SafeSearch and this will guarantee that your child will have no possibility to unlock it somehow.
  6. Look through the Google page now – after the confirmation of the lock the icon will be labeled as SafeSearch is Locked” and four eye-catching color balls will signal that the mode is on.

There is another way to switch this mode: with help of Options icon

  1. Enter Google page in your web browser
  2. Make a random search of images
  3. Find a gear-wheel icon
  4. Find “Search Settings” in the dropdown menu and click “Filter Explicit Results”
  5. Save the changes
  6. Still you will have to enter your Google account in order to lock changes so your tech-savvy child won’t be able to disable

Do not forget to apply these changes to every browser your family uses. And it is necessary to do the same on each PC that your family uses. Proper work of the lock requires cookies so do enable them.