Create Sage Online Environment for the Kids

In one click the Internet can become child-unfriendly and dangerous place, no matter how entertaining and useful it was a moment before. Parents should understand that as there are many ways how your kid can get into trouble:

  1. Adult content websites. Children can visit them by accident, and teenagers can search for them in purpose: porn sites, gambling, sites that promote drugs or weapons and the list can be continued for ages. As you can see, there are a lot of places inappropriate for children in the Internet.
  2. Inappropriate contacts. Right, the Internet is a perfect tool for communication with friends and family, though, kids can contact with people whom they should definitely avoid in the real life.
  3. Give stalkers too much information. Kids use social media to share thoughts and impressions – and they can share phone number or a school where they study – and that can lead to a trouble.
  4. Overdose of the Internet. Kids can easily play all night through or browse the pages for hours – and that will affect their study and physical development.
  5. Cyberbullying – one of five children through 4th to 8th grades became victims or were involved in the cyberbullying incidents. And this kind of bullying is invisible to parents.

What to Do to Protect Children Online

You have to teach your kids how to behave online as nothing can be more efficient then trust-based talk with children. Also consider using parental control applications that can just block access to certain websites or limit the amount of time spend playing or online. Enhanced apps can limit access to games, check messages and lock the device.

Also it is possible to engage router in parental control needs: set blocks on certain categories of websites and they will be inaccessible on all web-connected devices at home.

Mobile parental control apps will monitor smartphone and online activities of kids as well as their location and some apps can even block texting while driving.

Apps help to secure social media activity of kids, preventing cyberbullying – some apps show every post and picture and some show only dangerous ones.