Benefits of Parental Controls

Advantages of Parental Control Usage

  • Follow online activity systematically. Know what your kids do online, where they search and what data they look for.
  • Avert hacking cell phone pictures and using personal data fraudulently.
  • Prevent your children from watching restricted videos, viewing 18+ photos and other explicit content.
  • Set Google image parental control and ban inappropriate content in search results.
  • Monitor social media and online communication.
  • Prevent your children from being involved in sexting.
  • Prevent your kids from being attacked by online predators, cyberbullies and mobile swindlers.
  • Limit Internet usage – don’t allow your kids to waste all their time in the Internet.

parental controlsPeople can say that monitoring kids online violates their rights. But do they know that, for example cyberbullying is factor number one, which causes suicide among children; that almost every day kids are attacked by online predators and face sexual abuse; that more than 22% of children are involved in sexting already.

As a parent, your responsibility is to protect you children by all means. When it comes to online protection, parental control software is the best possible way out. It helps you keep an eye on kids.