About Us

In this world, where children are not protected in appropriate way, where danger lies in way for our loved ones even on web space, there must be a strong and active force to resist all these threats. And that is why this website was created – to find reverse pressure to dangers coming from the Internet and secure our kids.

family using laptopHere you will find many pieces of advice on online security. Read our reviews to find relevant information about mobile monitoring applications and other safety software. Tips on their usage and operation, as well as recommendations on which one to choose.

How we can help you

  • You still don’t know how to switch on Google image parental control?
  • Looking for convenient Pinterest monitoring app?
  • Or maybe have any difficulties with installing Instagram parental control?

Our reviewer gives answers to these question and even more. Find out recent updates and news worldwide. Keep track of most reliable software, designed to keep children safe and protected.

We are ordinary people, who have dedicated their lives to kids and their happiness. We are those, who have spent a lot of time studying, in order to know how to teach others and share knowledge from generation to generation. We really care! And all we do, we do for you and kids as our future.